Keeping you safe on the tennis court

Here is some information for you to be aware of upon your arrival.

Arrival & Departure
Player/Patron entry to the facility should be achievable through open doors/open gates. Please wear a mask or face covering. The side gate overlooking Court 1 near the Pro Shop will be the main entry area until further notice. If you have any issues please call the front desk at (951) 683-0667 for assistance.

No spectators or non-playing individuals are allowed at the tennis center.

Court Reservations
Court reservations can be made over the phone at (951) 683-0667 or via the Kourts app.

Member Play
Both Singles and Doubles will be permitted but please maintain social-distancing by remaining on the same side while playing. Strict limits to the number of patrons allowed at the facility should be governed by the four to a court rule — 4 players per 7200 square foot court. Please bring your own chair as all court benches and seating areas at the facility will be taped off for obvious safety reasons.

Private Lessons
Coaches will be required to wear masks when within 10 feet of any student (e.g. at meet and greet, ball pick-up or lesson payment). Coaches will not be required to wear masks when coaching as verbal communication with players on another side of the net is essential, however, a mask should still be attached to the pro (i.e. on forehead).

Coaches & Students
Coaches must ensure that their students understand and comply with all social distancing requirements. All items that have been handled by a student (e.g., water bottle, jug, towel, etc.) should be removed from the court by the student. Such items should not be left for clean-up by staff, putting staff at risk.

Pro Shop
The Pro Shop will be available in a limited capacity for services like racquet stringing and other items.

Water fountains will be barricaded to avoid common usage.